Monday, March 12, 2007

NIM100 Ethernet/IP Access (Hack Part 4)

Now that we see the boot process, we can see that NIM100 is running a IP host, which out of the box is 169.254.1.x

If you are connecting from your computer to the NIM100 and the NIM100 is not connected to anything on the COAX side, the IP address will be but if more NIM100 are connected together over COAX, the various NIM100s will get different IP addresses starting from with increments of 1.

DHCP is disabled out of the BOX and therefore you will have to create a private network on your PC (set you PC to netmask

Now you can access your NIM100 with:

  • telnet
  • root has no Password !!!

Happy hacking, and please post a comment if you decide to do something with this !!!


Eric Hans said...

I received a NIM-100 from a seller on Ebay and can't seem to log into it. Is there any way to perform a factory reset on the box or determine what the IP address might be? I bought another from a different ebay seller and I could log into it without any problems. Thanks for your help!

Chia9876 said...

Here is a hack to get the password. On the login page enter into the top where the URL goes:


then press Enter

It will display the password. Real nice security!!

Anonymous said...

is possible to use usb port

Anonymous said...

is it possible to use usb port on nim100